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Our Process

Know Our Process

1. Prepare

- Gather Information: Collect all relevant details about your app idea. This includes understanding the problem you’re solving, your target audience, market research, and financial projections.

- Team Readiness: Ensure your team is prepared to execute the project. Highlight their expertise and commitment.

2. Submit:

- Application or Proposal: Submit your app concept to potential investors, funding agencies, or committees. This could involve filling out forms, writing proposals, or applying through specific channels

3. Present:

- Pitch Meeting: Present your app idea to the funding committee or individual investors. Use a well-prepared pitch deck that covers essential points:

  • Introduction: Introduce yourself and your team.
  • Problem Statement: Describe the problem your app addresses.
  • olution: Explain how your app solves the problem.
  • Market Opportunity: Present market research and growth potential.
  • inancial Ask: Specify the funding amount you’re seeking.
  • Use of Funds: Detail how you’ll utilize the investment.
  • eam Strength: Highlight your team’s expertise.
  • Exit Strategy: Discuss potential exit scenarios (e.g., acquisition, IPO).


- Committee Decision: The funding committee evaluates your proposal and decides whether to invest.

- Negotiation: If approved, negotiate terms (equity, repayment, etc.) with the investors.

- Proceed or Pivot: Based on the decision, proceed with app development or consider adjustments based on feedback.

Remember, each step is critical, and effective communication and preparation are key to securing funding for your app project!

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