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SEO for ecommerce sites is extremely demanding and can even be very complex at times. But the rewards are also double and the results, twice as encouraging. With the right ecommerce strategy and prompt execution, you can turn an ordinary site into a massive high traffic, high rankings, revenue generating platform. This requires a lot of work in terms of online marketing which is why ecommerce search engine optimization is one of SEO Prismatic’s most sought after strategies.

Ecommerce sites face some of the most intense competition on the internet today. Our ecommerce SEO experts specialize in bringing web traffic and google rankings to e-commerce sites, taking them to the next level. Whatever your product, we will devise a plan on how to market it, promote it and generate revenue from it in order to make your ecommerce site a commercial success.

There are no contracts. No hidden fees. Our SEO comes with a 100% money back guarantee. SEO Prismatic has 10 years of practical hands on experience in all disciplines of internet marketing including ecommerce SEO. We have successfully completed 20,000 projects, and we work with a global clientele. Our ecommerce SEO will bring your business to the top.

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Ecommerce Business Owners Get Full Access To Our Client Dashboard SEO Project Management Tool!

Salient Features Of Our New Dashboard:

24/7 Traffic Updates

Login any time to see your site's traffic stats, demographics and other analytics data.

Keyword Rankings

Get the Latest Rankings of your keywords on Google and Yahoo directly from the Dashboard tool.

Timely Technical Updates

Up-to-the-minute HTML, hosting and domain data, Google Analytics and link reports.

Activities Reporting

An eagle-eye view of all SEO and web activities for your site. Monitor the monthly progress and the milestones assigned to your project.

Social Media Updates

Get the latest stats of your social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter and see how they performing compared to your competition.

Reputation Management Briefs

Get insight into the status and standing of your brand's web presence with data collected from leading review sites.

Our Deliverables For Ecommerce Marketing And SEO Projects!

SEO Prismatic has mastered the art of generating traffic and rankings for ecommerce websites. We are very meticulous in our preparations to create an authoritative, revenue driven link portfolio for our clients. This is done with a combination of content, links, videos and submissions combined with our own tried and tested SEO strategies that bring positive, quantifiable results ecommerce website owners. Our deliverables include:


Blogging .

Maintaining your blog Videos daily/weekly and adding content on a routine basis



Visually stunning infographics to generate buzz and interest and increase brand exposure



Superior Quality Videos with Voice-over to promote product/service


Social Media.

Social media post creation And Publication to generate Interest and interaction.


Guest Posts.

High quality guest posts published on authority sites To increase DA and influence


Press Releases.

Promoting products and services and sharing company news


Community Participation.

Participation on relevant forums, blogs and platforms


Ads/Submissions .

Ad creation and online link submission on relevant directories


SEO Prismatic: The Ultimate Choice For Ecommerce Website Owners.

With more than 20,000th projects successfully completed, working on Ecommerce websites is one of our specialties and we take great pride in numerous high volume and high profile sites we have worked on over the years. It’s completely different ball game from traditional SEO services. Our ecommerce SEO specialists are fully capable of dealing with all platforms like Shopify, Magento, Joomla, etc. Our ecommerce SEO consultants and experts individually focus on certain aspects which include Ecommerce Product Page Optimization and SEO ecommerce Category Pages.

Our process relies upon timely and sound management of a client’s link building activities and keeping it competitive for its target search terms.Regardless of client niche, this is often a very competitive field.SEO Prismatic specializes in Ecommerce SEO and is widely regarded as a reliable Ecommerce SEO company to work with by its clients.

We offer a detailed SEO Audit Report for free. Please, fill out the form available on right hand top of this page to fill and receive a FREE Ecommerce Website Audit report. Please, contact SEO Prismatic and speak with our representatives on how our services can positively impact your ecommerce site and generate sales.