Our Conversion Driven PPC Services Will Bring New Leads For Your Business Guaranteed!

If you are looking to generate real revenue from your website, you’ve come to the right place!

SEO Prismatic specializes in Paid Search marketing with a particular focus on Conversion Optimization, Lead Generation and Landing Page Analysis. Whether you run a small café or a large e-commerce store, our Paid Search Marketing can bring you new clients because our PPC works!


Salient Features

Conversion Driven Campaign Monitoring and Management

Cutting Edge Click Fraud Detection & Prevention System

24/7 Campaign Monitoring and Optimization

Weekly and Monthly Campaign Reporting and Analysis

Google Certified PPC Specialists

Dedicated Account Manager For your Project

Our PPC Work

Check out the two huge components of our PPC Model that have been a cornerstone of our success and have brought in countless leads to our clients.

Landing Page Creation/Optimization Competitors Analysis

Prompt monitoring and management is mandatory for the success of any Paid Search campaign regardless of daily spend. Our strategy includes:

Bid Optimization

Daily bid optimization to ensure max ROI for your campaign.

Negative Keywords

Prompt identification and removal of harmful keywords.

New Keywords

Identifying new keywords, new opportunities to generate leads.

Time Management

Calculating the best times to run campaigns for maximum exposure.

Trend Detection

Determining trends to run/pause campaigns to best serve clients.

Landing Page Creation/Optimization

Landing Pages Optimization to Increase Conversion Rates And Advertising ROI.

Competitors Analysis

Keeping An Eye On Your Google Ads Competitors To Stay One Step Ahead.

Google Ads Account/Campaign Audit Website Review & Conversion Setup

The game changer and the standout feature of our model is the fraud detection and prevention system we have in place for all PPC campaigns. This feature includes


Detecting False Clicks

Determining whether clicks are legit or intentional and negative.


Multiple Clicks

Detecting multiple clicks based on time intervals and taking action.


Active From Day One

This feature kicks in as soon as a campaign goes live.


Best Budget Utilization

Best utilization of a campaign budget daily, weekly and monthly.


Google Support

Speaking with Google on your behalf if a campaign is stuck.


Conversion Setup

Conversion Tracking To Help You Make More Profitable Advertising Decisions.


Google Ads Account/Campaign Audit

Get a Detailed Report of your Account or Campaigns' Flaws & Opportunities.



"PPC for Locksmiths is becoming a specially for SEO Prismatic!. really have a firm comma. over this particular industry. El Paso Locksmith have been with us for more than a year and is one of our moo satisfied clients. Our PPP has completely changed their business. They now receive dozens of calls every week; so much that at times they have asked us to pause PPC for a few days for them to catch up with work! Now that's a first! The best commendation for a job well done is to stop the veryjob we are doing!

About Seo Prismatic PPC Services

At SEO Prismatic, we really believe we have the complete PPC package. We are in the business of generating leads for our clients by creating catchy, appealing ads. Add 24/7 Monitoring, Daily Optimization and state of the art Click Fraud Detection and Prevention to the mix and you have a fail-safe approach to generating more phone calls and more leads for your business.

Businesses who are serious about generating leads from their website, should definitely take up PPC. Our Pay Per Click Advertising services are affordable and require no contractual obligations from the client. This is done specifically so clients can feel comfortable about their PPC project and gauge us on the results we deliver. Our PPC packages are fully customized for each website to get more ad impressions, CTRs and conversions.

Utilize PPC to its full potential! Generate revenue from your website for your business. Our team of Adwords Certified individuals will set up your campaign from scratch for enhanced revenue and lead generation. Start making money today! Contact SEO Prismatic today by phone or chat or complete the form above and receive a free PPC audit report.